NEW Slim Signature 7/8 Leggings

New Slim Signature 7/8 Leggings Welcome to Wednesday, everyone! It’s been a productive week for everyone here at Proskins — all of us have been working diligently to get you into new and innovative activewear, which I’ve the most physically demanding task of testing out 😉 For the past few seasons, we’ve seen activewear become

Our Top 5 London Gyms

Our Top 5 London Gyms One LDN: @oneldnclub One LDN describes its self as ‘A Premium Gym in Fulham, with a wide range of boutique classes’. It offers classes such as Strength and Conditioning, Muay Thai & Boxing, Flex & Core, HIIT, Cycle and Personal Trainers. So why not ‘Unleash your inner athlete’. Barry’s

Proskins Slim – Perfect for the Summer

Proskins Slim – Perfect for the Summer It’s safe to say that during the Summer a black pair of leggings wouldn’t be your first choice of clothing. But did you know that Proskins Slim are the perfect choice for summer? Along with containing Ceramides, Vitamin E, Retinol, Caffeine and Aloe Vera, Proskins Slim have three