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Proskins Slim – Perfect for the Summer

Proskins Slim – Perfect for the Summer

It’s safe to say that during the Summer a black pair of leggings wouldn’t be your first choice of clothing. But did you know that Proskins Slim are the perfect choice for summer?

Along with containing Ceramides, Vitamin E, Retinol, Caffeine and Aloe Vera, Proskins Slim have three other amazing properties that will soon make them your Summer Go to:

1. Moisture Management: Don’t sweat it!

Our Moisture Management wicks away sweat keeping you cool, comfy and dry.

2. Micro Climate: Looking hot never felt so good!

Proskins Slim regulate your body temperature to 37ºc (98.6F)

3. Silver Antibacterial: Antibacterial silver treatment in the garments keeps odour at bay and you feeling fresh all summer.

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