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4 Ways to Wear: Signature Leopard & Mesh Leggings

4 ways to wear: Signature Leopard & Mesh Leggings

This is just a little guide to help you find outfits for one of our best-selling leggings! The Signature Leopard & Mesh leggings are sleek and versatile; they are definitely not just for the gym!


Due to the four-way stretch technology, these leggings are perfect for your weekly yoga class. Pair with our Go To Vest top for a very slimming and form flattering look. Don’t forget your yoga mat, find this on our accessories page in pink and charcoal.


The Signature Leopard & Mesh leggings include extra compression; this helps with making your legs feel weightless when running. The flattering design keeps you feeling self-confident and the waistband will stay put for your entire run. The Go To Hoodie is perfect for running in those Winter months when the weather cools. The cowl neck can be pulled up to protect your neck from the cold and the thumb holes give that little extra protection for your hands.


Say it with your active wear! This bold outfit will make you stand out at the gym and keep you feeling strong. The extra compression in the Signature leggings will give you an extra boost to your workout and leave your legs feeling weightless. Pair with a cute gym buddy (a perfect present) to store all your personal belongings in. It’s extremely compact and comes in three different colours!


Finally, it’s time to relax and rest your body from the troubles of the day. Ultimate comfort is here in the form of the Slim Sleep Bra. Pair with your Slim Signature Leggings and you can be battling your cellulite whilst having a slice of cake or glass of wine 😉