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Real Results with Proskins Slim

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Real Results with Proskins Slim

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A couple of weeks ago we got the opportunity to catch up with Rebecca who lost a huge 6 stone and turned her life around with the help of Proskins.

At the start of her journey Rebecca was a size 18, she said ‘I had got so fat that the XL tights I was wearing had created a ridge on my tummy that was starting to become permanent.’  This was one of the factors that prompted her to do something about her weight.

She said ‘after wearing Proskins High Waisted Leggings for a month, my unsightly ridge had gone.’ The benefits she was feeling for her exercise program, combined with seeing such great results in such a short space of time gave Rebecca confidence in her Proskins and also motivation to continue her weight loss journey.

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Dropping from a Proskins size 18 – Proskins size 8 in under a year was an incredible achievement for Rebecca and she said ‘I am 100% convinced that Proskins and exercise have helped to shape my body and condition my skin.’  Rebecca has been left feeling super confident with her body shape, no loose skin and overall improvement in her skin tone and condition.

Additionally to supporting her weight loss, Rebecca also explained to us how wearing Proskins has been beneficial for the treatment of her varicose veins. Before wearing Proskins, she suffered greatly with this, and struggled to find a solution.

However, since wearing her Proskins regularly Rebecca told us how much this condition has improved, and every morning her varicose veins feel less tender than they were the day before.

We recommend wearing Proskins for a minimum of 8 hours a day. If this time is difficult to find, we suggest wearing them to sleep. Rebecca told us how she wore her leggings every night as well as whenever she went to the gym. This allowed her to see maximum results.

Proskins would like to congratulate Rebecca on this amazing achievement as she continues on her health and fitness journey.

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