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Power: How Does It Work?

Power: How Does it Work?

Our brand new range Power has just launched and if you’ve been wondering exactly how this new technology works then look no further.

When you exercise your body produces energy and up to 60% of this thermos energy is wasted. Our new Power range is designed to give something back, to give you that last push when you need it most.

The yarn converts this thermos energy into Far Infrared energy and reflects it back into the skin tissues. This causes deep and gentle heating of the muscles. This heat powers the body by dilating blood vessels, which increases oxygen levels and decreases lactic acid build up in the muscles. In turn, this improves performance, increases endurance and reduces fatigue.

This range still includes all of our old favourites such as temperature regulating technology and sweat wicking fabric. We train ourselves, we know how important it is to stay in control of your temperature through a tough workout and these leggings can help with just that. In addition, we still feature silver as an active ingredient in this range. When you train, you push yourself, you get sweaty – silver has antibacterial properties which keeps your kit smelling fresher for longer and reduces the amount of times it needs to be washed.

FIR technology is there for everyone! Whether you be a serious athlete, someone who enjoys a jog around the park or someone looking to improve your reps in the gym – POWER can give you that extra boost you need, when you need it most!