Women's Health - 12 gym wear buys that are available in sizes 14 to 20

Recently Proskins was featured in the Women’s Health article: ’12 Gym Wear Buys That Are Available in Size 14 To 24’:


Because fitness comes in all shapes and sizes.

By Jadie Troy-Pryde 19 July 2018


The term plus-size is far from perfect and if we had our way, it would be sent to room 101 along with weight loss lollipops and cosmetic surgery adverts during Love Island.

To us, clothes are clothes and sizes don't need segregating – after all, healthy is an outfit that looks different on everyone.

However, the increase in the conversation around plus size activewear has had one effect for the better: the fitness industry is finally becoming more inclusive by designing activewear for all shapes and sizes.

[Ed's Note: retailers who offer a plus size collection commonly have a starting size range from anything from a 14 up to a size 20.]

Earlier this year, it was announced that Nike were rolling out rolling out plus size fitness wear.

While Adidas recently followed suit and made their range of gym wear more size inclusive, finding gym wear in diverse sizes that are functional and stylish can be as imaginable as a fiftieth burpee.

However, if you know where to look you’ll find that there are actually several activewear lines aimed at plus size women who want - and deserve - to look and feel great while training.

The kit is also practical - because no one likes doing ab crunches with a zip daggering into their lower back or burpees with a stray bit of underwiring stabbing their left boob.

So if you’re shopping for plus size activewear that’s as good as your jump squats, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve rounded up some of the best plus size activewear out there for your perusal.

Be warned - it’s all amazing.

Best Plus Size Sports Leggings

These fit like a glove, support your muscles and ensure you look chill even when your Met Con instructor is demanding more mountain climbers. Available up to a UK size 24, you need to add these to your gym wear wishlist asap.

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