Proskins Sustainable promise

Core values

At Proskins our values have always been simple.

We want our products to give back – in every way they can.

To you, to your body and to the environment.

This is central to all of the design and manufacturing processes of our products. We aren’t perfect, and we won’t claim to be either. What we want to do is show you all of the ways our garments are positively supporting the environmentally conscious movement. This includes our aims for the future and how we can make our business, as a whole, more sustainable.

Made in The UK

The production of our garments involves very little transportation and this is something we are very proud of. From the knitting of the fabric, to the design, the manufacture of the garments to the final shipping out of our products this all happens across the East Midlands area.

Our fabric travels from Nottingham to Leicester and its final destination is Mansfield where the final garment is manufactured by a team of highly skilled machinists.

Our garments only have minimal miles to travel which significantly lowers our carbon footprint.

On top of this, we celebrate our British origins and are proud to be located in the historic textile home of the UK.

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The Fight Against Micro-plastics

35% of micro plastics released into the world's oceans are from synthetic textiles1 and this is having a devastating impact on our marine life and oceans.

The war on plastics has been an ongoing topic of discussion for many years, however more recently the impact of micro plastics is emerging into public consciousness.

Within the textile industry, micro plastics account for fibres – often smaller than you can see with the naked eye – breaking off from garments during washing. These fibres drain through washing machines, bypass wastewater treatment plants and filter out into our water ways and ultimately the oceans.

The impact this has is catastrophic – these fibres absorb highly concentrated poisonous substances, get digested by small marine life and make their way up the food chain. In addition, they float on the ocean surface, sink to seabed and get washed up on beaches.

So, how does this relate to Proskins? The core fabric for our leggings is knitted from continuous filament yarn which is one of the most environmentally friendly ways to manufacture garments. The specific knit of this fabric minimises breakages in the yarn which means than next to no fibres are released during any stage of the garments lifestyle.

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Made to Last

A key selling feature of Proskins is that they are made to last. We use the highest grade fabrics and never substitute for cheaper alternatives to ensure that the quality is never compromised.

An article from Sainsbury’s found that the British population send an enormous 235 million items of clothing to landfill per season2. With the rise of fast fashion comes the rise of fashion waste and that is something we don’t agree with.

All of our garments are durable, hardwearing and made to last. These garments are easily transferable season to season, include temperature regulating technology meaning that whatever the weather you’ll be cool and comfortable in your Proskins all year round.

Saves Water

The textile industry is well-known for its water waste and energy-intensive processes. A considerable contributing factor to the water waste per garment comes from customer care or washing.

Our Proskins leggings contain a silver anti-bacterial finish which keeps your leggings smelling fresher for longer. Why is this important you may ask? Well, fresher for longer means less washing is required and antibacterial properties means that the leggings don’t need to be washed on a high temp.

We recommend washing your leggings at least once every two weeks on a 30 degree wash, the fabric is quick drying and tumble drying is not necessary. A win for you and a positive change towards being more environmentally conscious.

The Final Step

We design our products to last and they certainly do, however it is inevitable that after constant wear they do reach the end of their lifecycle. So what next?

This is currently something we are looking into to find ways in which we can most effectively recycle and re-generate our worn out garments.

In the meantime we recommend ‘Recycle Now’. Here you can find out exactly how to easily donate unwanted/worn out garments.

Items which can be reused are donated and sold to someone else and worn out garments are recycled and made into in padding for chairs, car seats, cleaning clothes and industrial blankets. You can find out more information here.

Our Aims for 2020

  1. We’re looking into our packaging. We want to send out our garments in the most conscious way we can. So our main focus here to seriously reduce our single use plastic.
  2. Sourcing recyclable alternatives in the make-up of our fabric
  3. Building our own recycle scheme to give old and worn out Proskins a new lease of life
  4. Building our very own sustainable bundle and/or range - watch this space!