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Made in the UK

Made in the UK

Find out how our British Heritage positively influences our Carbon Footprint, Production Processes and more!

One of the biggest contributing factors to a company’s carbon footprint and emissions lies with offshore production.

Nottingham’s Energy Innovation and Collaboration team found that when it comes to pollution, two-thirds of emissions generated to make clothes for UK market occur overseas.

Not only is the trend to manufacture overseas having an irreversible impact on the environment it is also becoming increasingly more damaging to British jobs in fashion and local economies.

There are so many reasons for the decision to manufacture our core collection in the UK and we are so proud of the fact that 95% of our products are knitted, designed, manufactured and shipped in Britain, not least all within 50 miles of each other. Our core fabrics travels from Nottingham to Leicester and its final destination is Mansfield where the final garment is manufactured by a team of highly skill machinists.

We celebrate our midlands origins and being based in the textile home of the UK. It is such a privilege to have a team so skilled in their craft producing our products. It allows us an additional flexibility during the design and manufacturing process and is very important to us as a company to be able to witness every step in our garments production. We believe this gives us a true understanding of our product before we sell it to our customers.

Our core garments only have minimal miles to travel and this significantly lowers our carbon footprint which helps us to reduce our environmental impact – something we are very conscious about.

Reports show that 47% less emissions are created by manufacturing clothes in the UK, in comparison to similar operations abroad.

No air miles and considerably less miles on the ground means that less fuel is used and consequently less damage to the environment – it certainly is the greener option to manufacture in the UK.

It is also worth mentioning the benefits of UK production in relation to the dying process regarding regulations and testing. Here in the UK we have to adhere to EU regulations on the use of chemicals, disposal of waste water and workers’ rights and working conditions.  Our dyehouse is REACH compliant & Oekotex certified. These 2 regulations ensure no harmful chemicals are used in manufacture and that the process does not impact on the environment.

Finally, it is important for us to see the production line in person and this allows us to maintain an excellent relationship with our factories. We pride ourselves on our UK heritage and excellent standards we uphold throughout the production of our garments from start to finish.