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Real Results with Proskins Transform: Wearer Trials Part 1

Real Results with Proskins Transform: Wearer Trials Part 1

We love to hear your success stories.

Last week we got the chance to catch up with a couple of our wearer trial participants to hear all about their fantastic results and experiences trialling our brand new range Proskins Transform.

Our wearer trials consist of wearing Proskins Transform for a minimum of 8 hours a day for 56 days.

Each participant took measurements and photos before and after their trial, as well as completing a regular questionnaire. We documented their results and spoke to them after their trial finished to find out exactly what they thought to our new range.

Before the trial, Fiona had never worn Proskins before, she  contacted us about Transform to see if they could help with scarring on her leg which was a result of an wound which got infected after falling off her bike just over a year ago. Initially she was dubious as the scar tissue was deep and didn’t seem to want to budge!

After the first week there was little change, however after this, week by week she started to notice the improvements adding up. They quickly became her go to leggings and the she told us they were the comfiest and most adaptable branded leggings she had ever worn – wow! Soon lots of her friends were asking where these new leggings were from and she has been recommending Proksins ever since. She said they were an absolute pleasure to wear whether it be for leisure, running or working out.

We love the fact our leggings are so easy to wear! We make them with YOU in mind and not the other way around. This means that they are comfy, durable and most importantly versatile!

By the end of the trial Fiona said that the scar tissue had made massive progress in dispersing during her time wearing Proskins and it felt so much softer and smoother! Fiona has continued to wear her Transform leggings long after the trial and says they are definetly her go to leggings.

We are currently looking for people to take part in our next Transform trial. If you suffer from dry skin, stretch marks or scarring and would like to be considered to take part please send an email to stating your interest.

Fiona’s Real Results