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Ways to Wear: Proskins Power

Ways to Wear: Proskins Power

One of the reasons we believe our Power range is so unique and special is due to its versatility.

There are so many ways to wear Power and they don’t all mean being confined to the gym – good news if that’s not your thing!

Read the post below for more information and find out how Power can benefit you.

Our Power range contains incredible technology that’s relatively NEW to the fitness industry – which is very exciting for us and you!

As we exercise the body gives off energy, the Proskins Power fabric gets hold of this wasted heat energy as it leaves the body. The yarn then converts the thermos energy into Far Infrared rays (FIR) and reflects it back into the skin tissues causing deep and gentle heating. This powers the body by dilating blood vessels, increasing oxygen to the muscles and delaying lactic acid build up.

Due to these amazing properties, as well as additional much loved features such as moisture management, temperature regulating and sweat wicking properties, Proskins Power are ideal for so many sports and activities so take your pick!

For Running

You may have seen our recent blog post about Ann and her Marathon challenge – if you haven’t you can see it here! Ann used her Proskins Power for her running training all the way up to the Marathon and found that they quickly became her go to legging. With a comfortable, yet secure waist band, textured fabric for extra coverage and added benefits of the FIR technology these leggings are sure to help you get everything out of your run.

For Walking

Going for and walk and needing a comfy yet functional base layer? Proskins Power fit like a second skin and this makes them ideal to wear under additional layers. The temperature regulation helps to ensure you don’t get too hot or too cold and the added compression will aid muscle recovery.

To the Gym

This is a very broad spectrum but whether you’re heading to the gym for a HIIT class, free weights session, spin class, to Crossfit or anything in between make sure you’ve got your Proskins Power on! They are made to the highest quality to ensure squat proofing because we know how important this is during your workout! The FIR technology has even been clinically proven to increase performance, so if you’re pushing for a PB, Proskins Power can give you that edge!

For Team Sports

Looking for functional yet uniformed clothing for your Football or Rugby team? Why not give Proskins Power a try! The tops and bottoms make an ideal base layer for outdoor training over the winter months. They fit like a second skin, include sweat wicking and temperature regulating properties and will help you perform to your best out on the field.

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