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Like a second skin – The naughty forty diaries

‘Proskins – Like a Second Skin’

By Tracey at

Happy Saturday Lovelies,

I thought I’d talk to you today about some leggings I was gifted before Christmas from the brand Proskins.

Your probably thinking why send them to me? I’m hardly ‘Zola chuffing Budd’ … however in my defence I do walk Mollie [ my beautiful dog] once or twice a day and these are perfect for doing just that.

I also whitter on to anybody and everybody that will listen about starting some form of Yoga. Yoga will happen at some point during 2018. Promise.

Couch to 5k might even happen … but I’m making no promises on that one!

I think that makes me more than qualified to test them out, don’t you?

So first off the pair of Proskins leggings I was gifted are the Plain Black Slim Classic Leggings – £49.95

The official line goes:

When it comes to giving your legs a hidden workout, PROSKINS Slim Classic Leggings win every time. Made from high-tech fabric fused with active slimming ingredients, they give your body a flattering look and deliver long-term cellulite busting benefits. Moisture wicking keeps sweat away and anti-bacterial silver treatment holds back odours, though we still recommend washing them regularly!

I’m 5 ft 10 and the length is perfect. I love, love, love the fact that while I’m wearing them they help tackle my cellulite. #bonus

They fit like a glove and unlike when I’m wearing jeans I feel sooooo flexible … you know I find myself skipping around the house, flexing and stretching like a pro. It feels like they are positively encouraging me to move.

As well as being fabulous for walking our Mollie I also find they are perfect to wear as an alternative to tights. Being slightly thicker [than tights] I find them warmer.

They also feel as though they are sucking or rather holding me in; they give me a lovely silhouette . I’ve worn them on a few occasions now with a selection of my dresses.

They also look perfect (it’s one of my favourite looks) with an over-sized jumper and knee high boots.

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