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Introducing Fit Friday with The Kettle Bell Smash

Introducing Fit Friday with The Kettle Bell Smash

Fit Friday is our new series of fitness tips and workout videos from our Proskins Ambassador, Steve Sheppard.

Steve Sheppard is a Personal Trainer coaching people to transform themselves through nutrition and exercise.

He is always on hand to assist the Proskins Team with their personal goals and puts us through our paces with our Wednesday Workouts. Lookout for our videos on our blog!

Don’t forget, you can take Steve’s workouts with you to the gym by tuning in to our Proskins TV YouTube Channel on your Smart Phone.

To start the ball rolling this St. Patrick’s Day, we are getting Kettle Bell Smashed.  This consists of Burpees, Squats Bent Over Rows, Shoulder Presses and Russian Twists.

The Workout

20 down to 2. Perform each movement in order.

Start at 20 reps each, then 18 16 14 12 10 8 6 4 2.

Try and complete the whole work with minimal rest and as fast as possible.

Work on good posture and technique.

So c’mon, lets get smashed!

This workout is designed to hit all major muscle groups.

Burpees – Core, triceps and deltoids

Squats – quads, glutes and hamstrings

Bent over row – lats, traps and biceps

Shoulder press – deltoids

Russian twists – core and obliques