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Real Results with Proskins Slim: Wearer Trials Part 3

Real Results with Proskins Slim: Wearer Trials Part 3

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At the start of the year Steph took part in our Proskins Slim trial. This consisted of wearing Proskins Slim Leggings for a minimum of 8 hours a day for 56 days and recording the results in the middle and at the end. We caught up with her after the trial finished to find out how she found it.

Steph said that she first heard about Proskins from an ad on Facebook and when she realised that they were looking for trial participants she jumped at the chance to be involved and see how Proskins could help her.

She began to wear her Proskins at night to sleep in initially and then she realised they were perfect to go under her uniform at work as an extra layer and also ideal to wear to work out in.

Steph said she loved the texture of the leggings and they felt really nice and silky on the skin. She loved that they were opaque which is great for when training in the gym. She added that, unlike some other brands that she used previously she, didn’t feel they were see through when wearing them to work out in. She also said that she really liked the high waist feature as it provided lots of support.

The next thing we asked is how wearing Proskins slim have helped Steph, and this was her response:

“Wearing Proskins Slim has given my skin an overall smoother appearance. I would certainly agree that there was a visible improvement in my cellulite on the tops of the thighs. I was also really pleased to have visibly lost inches on my legs, especially my thigh area.”

Steph received some amazing results from her Slim trial including a 2 inch loss from her hips, 1/2 inch from the top of her thighs ans 2 inches from the widest part of her thighs. Shes continued to wear her leggings since the trial finished and is still loving how comfy and easy to wear they are, with so many benefits.

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Steph’s Real Results

before and after comparison 1
before and after 2