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Real Results with Proskins Slim: Wearer Trials Part 2

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Real Results
with Proskins Slim: Wearer Trials part 2 

We love to hear your Proskins Journey

Kirsty recently completed our 56 day challenge to see how Proskins Slim could help her. After completing the trial, we got the opportunity to ask her a few questions and she told us exactly how she found it.

How did you find out about Proskins?

K – I had seen their products advertised on social media such as Facebook and Instagram. I also read magazines such as Women’s Health and read a couple of articles in there. I saw lots of positive sharing of Proskins products on other people’s social media so I really wanted the opportunity to try them out.

When do you like to wear your Proskins Slim?

K – During my trial I tested out and wore my Proskins Slim in various situations. I frequently wore them to cardio classes and spinning as well as weight and circuit training. I also wore them as everyday wear and even to sleep in. I love how versatile and easy to wear my Proskins Slim are.

How has wearing Proskins Slim helped you?

K – Before I started the Proskins Slim trial I had lost around 3 stone and even though I was training 5 times a week after my weight-loss, my skin had lost some bounce. After wearing Proskins Slim for 56 days I really noticed that my skin felt much more toned than it used to. I also suffer with cellulite on the backs of my legs regardless of what I do, and whilst Proskins Slim did not cure my cellulite it certainly reduced the appearance of it. My skin now feels a lot lighter and more toned!

What do you love about Proskins Slim?

K – I found my Proskins so comfortable to wear! I am 5ft 2 and my Capri leggings fit just above the ankle. They are the perfect fit and I rarely find that in a legging. I loved the high rise waist band. It really gave me extra confidence and I felt supported no matter what I was doing.

Over the 56 day period, Kirsty has lost a massive 5.5 inches in total and is looking and feeling fabulous for it. Why not try Proskins Slim for yourself and see what they can do for you! Get great legs in just 28 days – all you need to do is put them on!

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