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Real Results Compilation: Proskins Slim

Real Results Compilation: Proskins SLIM

Check out some of the amazing results from our Slim wearer trials

Our wearer trial participants have seen some amazing results from their 28 and 56 day challenges and we have complied some of them below. It is important to note that during the trial time periods all of our participants have agreed to not to make any drastic changes to their diet and exercise regime. We recommend wearing Proskins Slim for 8 hours a day (or night) alongside a balanced diet and exercise regime to see the best results.


Sophie has lost a huge 8.7 inches in total including 2.7 inches from the widest part of her thigh which is a brilliant result from her 28 day challenge. Sophie chose to wear her leggings to sleep in as this is one of the easiest ways to guarantee you get those 8 hours a day!


Steph has lost a total of 6.8 inches over her 56 day challenge with -2.1 inches from the widest part of her thigh. Steph wore her leggings in various situations throughout the trial. She said she slept in them, wore them as everyday wear and to the gym. She loved that they were opaque which allowed her to complete her gym sessions with confidence and provided that extra support that not all


Rebecca has seen some outstanding results at the end of her 56 day trial with a huge total of -12 inches lost at the end of 56 days – this includes -4 inches from the hips!


Rachel’s results show -8.5 inches at the end of her 56 day slim trial which is a fabulous result! Rachel said that she loved her high waisted Proskins and felt much more confident out and about in her leggings because of the extra support they provided in the areas she felt she needed it the most – her tummy and thighs.