RECOVERY Men Black Compression Leggings with Silver Anti-bacterial Finish



Proskins Recovery Graduated Compression Leggings incorporate a high level of graduated compression in the lower leg, to aid a faster and more effective recovery after sports or exercise. Containing 22mmGH (Millimetres of Mercury) they are ideal for reducing muscle stiffness, cramps and preventing soft tissue damage. Also optimal for post-operation recovery.

  1. Chu Kim 20th October 2020

    Quality product does the job it was designed to do



The compression graduates from the lower leg to squeeze lactic acid back into the blood circulation, therefore reducing muscle stiffness, cramps and preventing soft tissue damage.

Lactic acid is produced during exercise and is the cause of post exercise stiffness. The high-level compression in Proskins Recovery accelerates the removal of lactic acid promoting efficient recycling of the blood, allowing oxygen to circulate to the muscles more efficiently.


Compression Fit: Get your circulation moving with our graduated compression
Reduces Muscle Stiffness: Aiding your recovery
Moisture Management: Don’t sweat it! Our moisture management wicks sweat away keeping you cool, comfy and dry. Yes really!
Micro Climate: Looking hot never felt so good as body temperature is regulated to 37 C (98.6 F)
Silver Antibacterial: Antibacterial silver treatment in the garments keeps odour at bay and you feeling fresh
Ultra-light Material:Makes the garments easy to wear and layer up
4 Way Stretch: Provides full freedom of movement

Take care of me:

Wash at 30°C

No tumble drying

No ironing.