Antiviral 3D Unisex Snood Neon Tropic


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Kills 99% of viruses within 2 hours.

Our New 3D Snood face covering is designed to provide maximum protection for you and your family. It is proven to be effective against viruses. Featuring an always on antimicrobial coating that removes any microbes found on the fabric within 2 hours.

Providing 3 levels of protection. 1. Protects against viruses 2. Protects against bacteria build up 3. Protects your skin.

For 15 years we’ve been developing intelligent apparel for the sports performance and beauty industries. Now we’ve partnered with leading fabric technology experts to create a powerful new product that helps provides all day protection against viruses and bacteria.

By using the latest fabric technology we’ve created a face covering that’s self cleaning. That means that there’s no need to scrub or wash our 3D Snood with harsh chemicals and you can safely wear it continuously.

Our new snood has also being specially designed for next to skin wear and including an anti bacterial finish to protect the skin and help reduce dryness, irritation and blemishes.

Suitable for all face types and made from super soft four ways stretch fabric.

For hygiene reasons, we are unable to accept returns on our Snood Face Mask.

  1. Emma 18th Dec 2021

    I like the design of this snood.
  2. Carol 6th May 2021

    Great products. Good price and service.
  3. Katina 10th April 2021

    I liked the design. It was very loose after a couple of hours.
  4. Phil 31st March 2021

    Excellent mask and stays in place
  5. Susan 31st March 2021

    They are easy to wear and safety issues are really great.My partner wears his all the time without any problems ,which is great as he has COPD
  6. Maureen 31st March 2021

  7. W D 26th March 2021

  8. Julie 26th March 2021

    Easy to order plus great choice!
  9. Maud 24th March 2021

    Excellent service will buy again
  10. DAVE 24th March 2021

    Apart from one being to big the other 2 were good
  11. Miss Norma 24th March 2021

    useless when out shopping
  12. Michael 24th March 2021

    Just what it said it would be
  13. adrian 24th March 2021

  14. Jen 24th March 2021

    Good product and excellent value
  15. Gloria 24th March 2021

    Already have said what I think on previous page!!
  16. Graham 24th March 2021

    Same as above , and an added bonus your glasses don't steam up
  17. Eleanor 24th March 2021

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Our antimicrobal snood face covering is designed to keep friends, family and everyone around you safe and protected. Featuring advanced fabric technology for today’s changing world, our snood is comfortable, easy to wear and looks great.







Fabric contains an Antimicrobal Finish

for enhanced protection against viruses & bacteria


Full lower face coverage to help reduce

transmission of droplets


Intelligent fabric helps block dust & debris


  • Antimicrobial fabric removes any microbes found on the fabric within 2 hours
  • Cheaper than disposable masks
  • Fully tested
  • Reusable
  • Breathable, lightweight & sweat wicking
  • Easy to wear, full lower face covering
  • Protects skin
  • Made from durable industrial strength fabric