TRANSFORM Elbow Sleeve Top – Black


Nourish, hydrate and repair your skin while you sleep with no hassle with our new Transform Elbow Sleeve Top. Clinically proven skin care that starts to work the moment you put it on. Packed with millions of all natural micro capsules that work constantly to brighten, soften and revitalise your skin. The skin nourishing formula, featuring soothing rosehip oil and hydrating sweet almond oil, help reduce the redness of stretch marks and visibly improve skin texture.

Fabric Composition:

82% Nylon

18% Lycra

Wash at 30°C

No tumble drying

No ironing

4 0 30 30″ / 76cm 24.52″ / 62.5cm 30″ / 83.5cm
6 2 32 31.5″ / 80cm 25.5″ / 65cm 34″ / 87.5cm
8 4 34 33″ / 84cm 25.5″ / 65cm 36″ / 91.5cm
10 6 36 34″ / 86.5cm 28″ / 71cm 37″ / 95cm
12 8 38 35.5″ / 90cm 29″ / 74cm 39″ / 99cm
14 10 40 37″ / 94cm 31″ / 79cm 41.5″ / 105.5cm
16 12 42 39″ / 99cm 33″ / 84cm 43.5″ / 110.5cm
18 14 44 41″ / 104cm 36″ / 91.5cm 46″ / 117cm
20 16 46 43″ / 109cm 39″ / 99cm 48″ / 123cm
22 18 48 45″ / 114cm 40.5″ / 103cm 50″ / 127cm
24 20 50 47″ / 119cm 44″ / 112cm 51.5″ / 131cm

What size should I order? – We recommend your order your usual clothing size, but if between sizes, then we suggest you order a size down.

Should I wear underwear under my Proskins TRANSFORM? – Yes.

Can I wear Proskins TRANSFORM under my normal clothes? – Yes.

How should I wear my Proskins TRANSFORM everyday and for how long? – For best results, we recommend wearing for 8 hours a day. They can be worn for longer if you wish.

Will they feel tight? – No, the 4 way stretch means they are extremely comfortable.

Can I sleep in them? – Yes, this is a really easy way to wear them and maximise the benefits of Proskins TRANSFORM.

Can I exercise in them? – Yes, the compression helps muscles to work effectively and aid post workout recovery and the 4 way stretch allows for full freedom of movement.

How often should I wash Proskins TRANSFORM? – All our baselayers contain a micro-bacterial finish that reduces odour and wicks away moisture, this extends wear inbetween washes.



Proskins Transform is a range of clothing that is impregnated with micro-capsules containing Rose Hip Oil and Sweet Almond Oil. These incredible, natural ingredients are released into the skin during wear which help leave your skin moisturised, increases skin elasticity and provides a nourished sensation that helps the appearance of stretch marks.

the microcapsules inside Proskins Transform leggings

Ingredients inside the micro-capsules:

SWEET ALMOND OIL – Soothes and rehydrates dry skin, whilst helping to repair damaged skin
ROSE HIP OIL – Helps to nourish your skin making it smooth and soft


Compression Fit: Get your circulation moving with our graduated compression
Moisture Management: Don’t sweat it! Our moisture management wicks sweat away keeping you cool, comfy and dry. Yes really!
Micro Climate: Looking hot never felt so good as body temperature is regulated to 37 C (98.6 F)
Silver Antibacterial: Antibacterial silver treatment in the garments keeps odour at bay and you feeling fresh
Our micro-encapsulated yarn has active ingredients that stay in the fabric for at least 100 washes – we should think so too.


Results taken from an independent study taken over 56 days of use for 8 hours:

  • 90% of users felt skin nourished sensation
  • 68% of users saw an improvement in the appearance of their stretch marks
  • 80% of users saw improvement in their skin elasticity

Fabric Composition:
82% Nylon and 18% Lycra.

Take care of me:

Wash at 30°C

No tumble drying

No ironing.