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Slim Luxe Panel Black Vest Top

$100.00 $50.00




Product Info

The Luxe range uses panels of embossed contour Slim to give extra support, hold and added design. The Vest Top features the emboss panelling again visually defining the waist also with added shaping around the bust, the Slim Luxe Tops contour your body but are designed to feel comfortable at the same time. Made from high-tech fabric fused with active slimming ingredients, they deliver long-term cellulite busting benefits. Moisture wicking keeps sweat away and anti-bacterial silver treatment holds back odours, though we still recommend washing them regularly.

How it Works:

The micro-capsules within the yarn of Proskins Slim Black Luxe Panel Vest contains ingredients which are massaged into the skin during wear. Combined with graduated compression, this top will help fight the appearance of cellulite.

the microcapsules inside Slim Black Luxe Panel Vest

Ingredients inside the micro-capsules:

ingredients inside Slim Black Luxe Panel Vest


the tech inside Slim Black Luxe Panel Vest


results after wearing Slim Black Luxe Panel Vest

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