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Slim 3 Quarter Sleeve Black Top





Product Info

Every training session has the potential to make you feel the burn. The Proskins Slim ¾ Sleeve Top will keep you comfortable while you work towards achieving your goal. Why? It's high-tech fabric wicks away sweat, regulates body temperature at 37°C (98.6°F) and keeps odours at bay with specialised anti-bacterial silver treatment. What are you waiting for, time to get your game on!

How it Works:

The micro-capsules within the yarn of Proskins Slim Mid Thigh Length Nude Shorts contain ingredients which are massaged into the skin during wear. Combined with graduated compression, this 3/4 sleeve top helps fight the appearance of cellulite. the microcapsules inside slim black 3/4 sleeve top

Ingredients inside the micro-capsules:

ingredients inside slim black 3/4 sleeve top


the tech inside slim black 3/4 sleeve top


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