Beauty Trio Bundle


1 x Slim Classic Leggings, 1 x Transform Leggings, 1 x Pair Gold Gloves SAVE £44.95 With This TRIO Skincare you can wear. Get two turbo charged micro encapsulated leggings bursting with the best skin loving natural ingredients, plus a pair of anti ageing 24 Karat infused Gold gloves. Select a size and color for each item listed below and click add to cart
1 × Gold Anti-ageing Compression Gloves with silver anti-bacterial finish

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Beauty Trio:
1 x Slim Classic Leggings
1 x Transform Leggings
1 x Pair Gold Gloves

Our Slim Classic leggings are clinically proven to help reduce the appearance of cellulite, smooth and moisturise the skin. They’re easy to wear and work constantly to nourish and beautify your legs.

You’ll enjoy some all-day leg soothing action with a pair of our Transform leggings. Designed to help keep your skin hydrated, energised and glowing. Infused with skin loving big hitters sweet almond and rose hip oil to constantly brighten your skin while also helping reduce scarring and stretch marks.

Alongside these two, our  Gold Anti-ageing Gloves give a super boost to your skins hydration. The gold infused fabric helps promote hyaluronic acid production to keep your skin soft, smooth and heathy looking.