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Steve Sheppard’s 5 Top Tips for Easter

Steve Sheppard’s 5 Top Tips for Easter

Just because it is Easter and the Hot Cross Buns and Chocolate Eggs beckon, there is no need to panic as we have 5 tips to help you stay on track

My Top 5 Easter Tips – Steve Sheppard (Transformation Coach)

1. Move move move
Working out can be difficult with children being off school so make sure you are always busy. Don’t under estimate the power of walking or bike riding, get out and get some fresh air and vitamin D.

2. Use your fit bit or phone for tracking steps.
For every 10,000 steps taken you can have 1 Easter egg. Remember you gain weight by consuming more calories than your burn

3. Try drinking hot water with lemon and sea salt every morning. 
Drinking this will kick start the body into functioning correctly, the sea also actually helps you absorb the water in to your cells keeping your hydrated and the vitamin C helps with the formation of collagen witch is essential for connective tissue and skin.

4. Big one for Easter Sunday.
Cut back on your Calories for the day. Have a small breakfast and lunch, you can save the bulk of your calories for your chocolate. This is a great way for damage limitation and overall calorie intake.

5. If you do over indulge don’t stress!
It’s just one day. Start the bank holiday with a bang, get up and work out. Remember it’s your weekly and monthly calories intake that will impact your overall weight gain not just 1 day