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Real Results with Proskins Slim: Wearer Trials

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Real Results
with Proskins Slim: Wearer Trials 

We love to hear your Proskins Journey

Last week we got the opportunity to catch up with Rachel who has recently completed our 56 day independent trial of Proskins Slim. In these trials the participants have to wear Proskins Slim for at least 8 hours a day (or night) for 28 or 56 days. They take before and after photos and measurements and tell us exactly what they thought of their Proskins.

Initially Rachel told us how she wore her Proskins at night – she said this was an easy way to ensure at least 10 hours every day! Winner! She found her leggings very comfortable and said that they never disturbed her during the night. The temperature regulating fabric in Proskins Slim makes sure you stay cool and comfortable all night long!

As the trial progressed Rachel began to wear her leggings underneath her uniform at work too. She told us how she works outdoors and that the extra layer was comfortable and provided extra warmth whilst she worked.

Rachel told us about how much her confidence was boosted whilst she was wearing her Proskins leggings. She said that before the trial and before trying Proskins and she would not have dreamed of wearing leggings whilst out shopping or popping into town. However, she found that her Proskins gave her a confidence boost and supported her in all the areas she felt conscious of – such as her tummy and thighs.

By the end of the trial Rachel had lost a total of 8.5 inches which is a fab result! This included -2 inches from her waist and -1 inch from each thigh! She said she is really pleased with how the trial went and her body confidence has improved significantly as a result!

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