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Proskins Slim Uncovered

Proskins Slim Uncovered!

We’ve answered all of the most common questions about our much loved range – Proskins Slim

1. How do Proskins SLIM work?

Proskins Slim contain active ingredients which are micro encapsulated into the yarns of the garments. When you wear the leggings these capsules come into contact with the skin and help to smooth and tone you skin as you move. The key active ingredients in our leggings are –

Caffeine – helps the destruction of fat

Vitamin E – helps reduce the effects of ageing

Ceramides – restore and maintain smoothness

Retinol and Aloe Vera – moisturises skin and increases firmness

2. How should I wash my Proskins SLIM?

You can machine wash your Proskins but we would recommend you wash them at 30 degrees maximum, without using fabric conditioner. Proskins Slim contain silver which has antibacterial properties and means that your leggings stay fresher for long, therefore do not need washing as regularly.

3. What size should I order?

We recommend that you order your usual UK trouser size, if you are between sizes we would recommend you size down. This is true for all of our products except for anything with SLIM BOOST in the title. These products contain a higher level of compression so for these garments we would recommend sizing up if you are in between sizes.

4. How should my Proskins fit?

Your Proskins should be well fitted but not uncomfortable. They shouldn’t dig in, cause any pain or discomfort but are designed to be in contact with your skin.

5. Can Proskins SLIM help reduce the appearance of cellulite?

Yes they can. Proskins Slim are clinically proven to reduce the appearance of cellulite – the active ingredients in Proskins slim work to smooth, tone and firm up the legs just by wearing them! They are a much more affordable and long term solution to cellulite compared to expensive creams for example. If you are interested in testing this for yourself why not apply to take part in our 28 day challenge – register your interest at

6. Are my Proskins a good thing to wear whilst travelling?

Yes absolutely! The increased graduate compression in our garments mean that they are ideal for travelling and long haul flights as they aid circulation and will help to prevent any swelling of the legs. In addition the temperature regulating fabric will ensure you stay at optimum temperature and the silver in the leggings will keep you feeling fresher for longer during your journey.

7. I am very tall with long legs, will Proskins SLIM fit me?

Proskins Slim are made from a 4 way stretch fabric which means they have lots of give. The garment will stretch slightly and then mould to your body whether that be taller or shorter

8. Post Op Recovery – should I wear Proskins?

As with anything medical, we would always recommend that you consult your doctor before using any of our products. Although our garments are not sold as medical garment they are manufactured to a medical standard and recommended by specialists. They are lightweight and contain recovery level compression whilst still being relaxed and comfortable to wear.

9. Can I sleep in my Proskins SLIM?

Proskins Slim are ideal to sleep in! We recommend wearing your Proskins for a minimum of 8 hours a day for maximum results. Sleeping in them is an ideal way to find this time! The temperature regulating fabric will help you stay at optimum temperature while you sleep.