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Proskins Power: Your Summer Performance in the Winter

Proskins Power: Your Summer Performance in The Winter

It’s a well-known fact that during the colder months and into the depths of winter our peak training performance drops. We know how important it is to not only be warm and comfortable during your winter training but also to maintain your progression as much as possible.

So heres the science bit!

Why do we lose performance over the winter? Because no-one wants to feel like they are back to square one when spring rolls back around!

The body has to work much harder to maintain a stable temperature during the colder months, and cold muscles are less efficient than warm ones. In short, muscles are made up of fast and slow twitch muscles fibres. In warmer temperatures slow twitch muscles fibres have more stamina and do most of the work, whereas, the faster fibres are for short, intense bursts of energy. As the weather gets colder, the fast twitch muscle fibres have to step up, where in warmer temperatures slow twitch fibres would generate the same power. These faster fibres generate more lactic acid build up, which decreases the muscle performance.

This is why selecting appropriate base layers is essential as they can have a significant effect on your training. We are confident that with Proskins Power base layers you can achieve your summer performance in the winter.

So, why are we so confident about Proskins Power?

As we exercise the body gives off energy, the Proskins Power fabric gets hold of this wasted heat energy as it leaves the body. The yarn then converts the thermos energy into Far Infrared rays (FIR) and reflects it back into the skin tissues causing deep and gentle heating. This powers the body by dilating blood vessels, increasing oxygen to the muscles and delaying lactic acid build up.

Clinical studies showed that 90% of volunteers saw an improved work rate at anaerobic threshold – the physiological point during exercise at which lactic acid starts to accumulate in the muscles.

Proskins Power leggings are a thicker base layer with temperature regulating and sweat wicking technologies that allow you to maintain a stable body temperature during your training.

The introduction of this brand new technology is a game changer for winter performance however you train. Here are some testimonials from athletes who train in Proskins Power:

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