Mens POWER Long Sleeve Black Top

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The POWER Long Sleeve Top is engineered to help you go beyond your best. It’s our most technically advanced sports shirt yet. Superior lightweight four way stretch fabric and a textured finish provides enhanced comfort. A newly adapted moisture management system helps keep you dry, longer body length guarantees total coverage and a silver anti bacterial treatment keeps your top smelling fresh for longer.



ProskinS POWER vs Conventional Sportswear

How many times In that final mile, the last minute, or lifting that extra weight have you needed just that extra boost to get you over the line? Now that boost is a reality with Proskins POWER. When you’re trying to push past your best you need every last drop of energy. Using advanced Far Infrared (FIR) technology we’ve created a fabric that can help re-energise your muscles and deliver increased performance when you need it most.

Proskins POWER is clinically proven to naturally absorb your body’s heat as infrared energy and then safely recycle it back into your body. Academic double blind clinical trials have shown improvement vs placebo in fatigue reduction, improved oxygen transportation to muscle groups and increased endurance.

Fabric technologies inside your POWER Long Sleeve Top:

Far Infrared (FIR) technology – For enhanced performance and endurance

Newly adapted Moisture management system – Helps keep you dry and wick sweat away from the skin

Textured Fabric Finish – Increases comfort and provides greater coverage

SureFIT Pattern Tech – Helps maintain in action fit and comfort

Four way stretch – Enhances comfort and improves range of motion

Silver anti bacterial treatment – Keeps your kit smelling fresh for longer