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Marathon Tips and More

Marathon Tips and More

This Sunday it’s the 37th London Marathon where 39,000 people will be pounding the streets, many for their first time.

Our Marketing Manager here at Proskins is a 5 times London Marathon veteran so we asked her for her top tips to help you along the way if you’re a first timer.

It’s all in the preparation:

Make sure you pick up your number at the Marathon Expo up to 5pm the day before (Saturday 22nd April) and keep it somewhere safe. Don’t forget to add your emergency contact details on the back.

Get your name printed on your vest – you’ll feel like a celebrity when the crowd are cheering your name! Share a pic of you vest on social media too so your friends can look out for you on TV.

Don’t be tempted to walk the streets of London the day before and tire yourself out. There’s plenty of time for sightseeing along the 26.2 mile route.

Compile a motivational playlist to listen to. Get your friends to request some tunes that you like to listen to or sing along to together.

Find out where your spectators or charities cheering points are along the route so that looking for them gives you something else to concentrate on throughout the run

Lay out all your kit the night before and plan your route to the start allowing plenty of time. It’s also a good idea to have a rough idea of where you’ll meet family and friends at the end as there isn’t always a good mobile phone signal. There’s an alphabetic Meet & Greet area at Horse Guards Parade where I’ve always managed to meet up with my supporters under the huge M!

Get a good nights sleep. You’ll probably have some crazy dreams and wake up thinking you’ve missed the alarm and slept in about 20 times but just try to relax.

Marathon Mel’s Tips:

On the big day:

Don’t skip breakfast – this is the one day that you don’t have to worry about calorie consumption.

Drop your bag off in plenty of time and then get in the queue for that all important final bathroom trip.

Stay fuelled and hydrated with tried and tested nutrition. Don’t be tempted to experiment with that new energy gel that you got handed at the Expo a few days previously.

Do a bit of celeb spotting and sightseeing to keep your mind on things other than running.

Smile every time you see a camera – you want to look good on your official race photos don’t you.

And finally…..

Enjoy it! The crowds on the day are amazing and will carry you through to the finish with their cheering, singing and encouragement along the whole route.

Remember – you are doing something truly amazing. You’ve put in all the hard work and this is the final goal you’ve trained so hard towards.

Take your medal with you everywhere you go to show it off and tell anyone you meet you’ve finished the London Marathon (although the way you’re walking and the fact you can’t get down the stairs in a normal fashion may give it away)! You’ve ran 26.2 miles- a marathon – what a fantastic achievement!!!!

Recipe video on how to make our Breakfast Banana Smoothie!

You will need the following:

1 Banana
3 tbsp Oats
150ml of Coconut Milk/Almond Milk
3-4 scoops of Vanilla Protein Powder
Handful of Ice Cubes

Please follow the steps below:

Blend them altogether…