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How to feel more confident in the gym: 6 Simple Steps!

How to feel more confident in the gym

6 simple steps!

When you’re getting started in a new routine stepping in to a new gym or starting a new class can often feel quite daunting. We’ve put together some top tips to help boost your confidence and make your new fitness venture a little easier to start!

1. Go with a friend

Everything is easier with a friend by your side! Get them involved and not only will you feel much more comfortable trying something new, you will have an extra source of motivation too!

2. Have a plan

Feeling confident in the gym is so much easier when you have a plan to follow and will stop you from wandering around the gym aimlessly feeling lost! There are so many different resources to help you with this including YouTube which is ideal for teaching yourself the basics! You can also download specific apps with training plans or find a fitness influencer you resonate with – lots of them have created downloadable plans which come with a fitness community support group to join. These are often filled with advice, top tips and motivation which is the perfect tool when you’re starting out. Check out the likes of Zanna Van Dijk, Tally Rae and Grace Beverly.

3. Go when its quiet

Any regular gym goers will tell you there is guaranteed times when the gym is significantly quieter. When you start out try to aim of these times and avoid the crowds while you’re finding your feet. Try Sundays, Friday evenings and on weekdays – late morning (after 11am) for the quieter times of the week.

4. Book a session with an instructor

When you sign up for a gym membership you can very often book a session with a gym instructor (free of charge) to show you all of the machines and how everything works. This is often overlooked and not taken advantage of as could be. One of the easiest ways to feel more confident in the gym is to feel like you know what you’re doing. So take advantage of the gym induction and you’ll feel much more in control of your session.

5. Don’t over think it

Quite often one of the biggest things that holds us back in the gym is the feeling like everyone is watching! The whole idea of going to the gym is to focus and invest time in yourself. For this very reason everyone in there is focusing on themselves, its often the idea of being watched and judged that holds us back, whereas the likelihood of it actually happening is much less in reality. Don’t think about it, just go for it, stick to your plan and focus on yourself.

6. Opt for a class

If the idea of fending for yourself in the gym still feels like too much, why not opt for a class to get you started? Most gyms offer a huge range of classes available, from yoga/Pilates, to HIIT training, circuit classes, aerobics, abs blasts, body pump and so many more! Classes are an effective way to use your time efficiently. Short, focused classes with assistance and guidance are a really good way to start a new exercise journey. Speak to class teachers in your gym for advice on which classes to join and how regularly to train specific to your own individual goals.

We really hope these top tips have helped you kick start your new gym based goals and wish you the best of luck on your new journey!