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How wearing Proskins Leggings help improve Lymphatic Drainage

How Proskins Leggings helps lymphatic drainage

How Proskins leggings promotes Lymphatic Drainage

Why is Lympahtic drainage Important to Reducing the appearance of Cellulite?

Poor lymph cirulation causes fibres to thicken and bind with collagen fibres in fat cells. The resulting thick fibrous strands exert pressure on the fat causing it to bulge upwards against the dermis creating a dimpling orange peel effect.

How Does Wearing Proskins leggings promote Lymphatic Drainage?

Proskins SLIM compression anti-cellulite leggings use graduated compression to improve circualtion. waste products and toxins are flushed from muscles and blood flow and lymphatic flow are improved. Combined with the active ingredients within the Proskins SLIM fabric, skin tone is improved, feels softer and helps reduce the appearance of cellulite.