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Couch To 5K – Week 3

Proskins Couch to 5K – Week 3

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Week 2 Review

Our runners have completed week 2 of their training programmes. We see how they’ve got on with more running and less walking

Paula – Beginner programme

It’s great now that I’ve signed up to run the Mansfield 5k as it’s really giving me something to focus on and push myself for when the runs have got a bit tougher.

It’s definitely been more challenging this week but not as hard as I’d expected. I still find it takes a good bit of time to get my body going and I must admit I do look forward to the rest periods.

I can’t wait to be in a position where I actually enjoy it! It’s the final week next week and it’s getting harder still but at least I’ll have a medal round my neck by the end of it!

Dallas – Beginner Programme

I’m still really enjoying getting out running and this week I’ve run a mile!
It wasn’t fast but I didn’t stop at all and actually felt that I could go further so it’s been a good week!

I’ve got a 100k walk this weekend so I’ve not wanted to push it too hard and next week may be a little slower starting but I’m looking forward to the end goal and running the 5k.