The Fight Against Micro-Plastics

The Fight Against Micro-Plastics What are they? Where do they come from? How can we help? What are Micro-Plastics? Micro plastics are tiny shreds of plastic fibres that are released from fabrics in your clothes. Some of the worst culprits are synthetic fabrics such as fleeces. Fast fashion products and lower quality garments have a

Made in the UK

Made in the UK Find out how our British Heritage positively influences our Carbon Footprint, Production Processes and more! There are so many reasons for the decision to manufacture our core collection in the UK and we are so proud of the fact that 95% of our products are knitted, designed, manufactured and shipped in

Ways to Wear: Proskins Power

Ways to Wear: Proskins Power One of the reasons we believe our Power range is so unique and special is due to its versatility. There are so many ways to wear Power and they don’t all mean being confined to the gym – good news if that’s not your thing! Read the post below for

Proskins Transform: The Ingredients

Proskins Transform: The Ingredients The Smarter Way To Care for Your Skin With the launch of our new Transform range, we would like to introduce to you the wonderful new ingredients microencapsulated into these garments and the whole host of beauty benefits that come with them! With all of the much loved features of Proskins

Marathon Running and Being Fabulous at 50!

Marathon Running and Being Fabulous at 50! This week we got the opportunity to catch up with one of our lovely customers Ann who is currently on her final taper week for the Yorkshire Marathon this weekend. We wanted to chat to her about her running experience, why she decided to run a marathon and

Top 5 Gym Classes Available NOW

Top 5 Gym Classes Available Now!   In need of some gym-spiration? You’ve come to the right place. We have researched and found some of the hottest gym classes available right now from specific classes for first time gym-goers, to dance inspired fitness classes and finally those hardcore intense classes for the more advanced. Take