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‘Do Carbs Make Me Fat?’ – 5 Fitness Myths Answered

‘Do Carbs Make Me Fat?’  – 5 Fitness Myths Answered

We found out the top 5 things that puzzle some people about fitness and diets so we got our personal trainer and Proskins ambassador Steve Sheppard to see if the myths are true…

Q) Do carbs make you fat?

A) On a whole, no. One particular food group isn’t contributing to your weight gain, it’s your overall calorie consumption. So you could eat as many carbohydrates as you like and if you’re under your daily calories you will not gain weight.

Q) Can I eat after 6pm at night?

A) The answer is yes. Nutrition timing is pretty much irrelevant for the general population. Your body doesn’t know what time it is so you can eat after 6 or before 6.

Q) For a toned look, should I be doing lighter weights for more reps?

A) The answer is no, you should actually be lifting as heavy as you can, ranging from 8-12 reps and performing about 3-4 sets. That’s going to be the best rep ranges for your body composition.

Q) Does doing sit ups get me abs?

A) Absolutely not! Getting abs comes down to body fat percentages so in order for your abs to be visible you need to be between 15-10% body fat. If you’re carrying lots of weight performing lots of sit ups will not burn that fat, you need to look at a calorie deficit and obviously weight training and cardio.

Q) Is it better for me eat before a workout, or do a fasted workout in the morning?

A) This just comes down to personal preference. For me, I like to be fuelled for my workouts and I know some of my clients don’t like to be before theirs. There’s nothing magic about fasted cardio it just comes down to how you feel during a workout.