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British Ski Cross Champion Pamela Thorburn’s Ski Tips

British Ski Cross Champion Pamela Thorburn’s Ski Tips

With the ski season in full swing, we asked the 2015 British Ski Cross Champion Pamela Thorburn, for her ski tips.

1. Your favourite place to ski?

I love the beauty of the Dolomites, Cortina in particular but I have to say Lake Louise is an all time favourite. The scenery, variation of slopes and amazing friendly people all make it awesome there.

2. What exercises do you recommend to prepare for a ski holiday?

Ideally you would start preparing for a ski holiday about a month before the trip, working on squats, lunges, biking and core. Increasing the volume and load each session.

3. Must pack essentials for a skiing trip?

It’s an obvious one but suncream! The reflective rays from the snow are so strong and make it so much easier to burn. I would recommend packing layers instead of big thick jumpers and jackets, in the mountains the weather can change so quickly that its better to pack for all seasons. Also remember a piste map!

4. What to eat whilst skiing, breakfast, whilst on the slopes and in the evening?

I usually have a big breakfast, boiled eggs on rye bread and muesli. Take muesli/ protein bars in your pocket as they are easy to carry around and always have water with you if you can. Keeping hydrated is so important especially at altitude. I try to fuel up again at dinner time with soup, salad and a main of meat and veg or pasta. Getting in the carbs is good for skiing!

5. How to keep warm on the slopes?

Hot chocolate stops! Take some extra layers in a backpack with you so you can easily put more clothes on if you need them. Make sure you do a good warm up of some easy active stretches before hitting the slopes and you will be good to go.

6. How to avoid injury?

Doing your holiday prep of exercises will seriously reduce the risk of injury. Also getting a good warm up. stretching is key! The more limber you are the better.

7. Preparation before a day’s skiing eg what stretches do you do? How do you warm up?

Get some leg swings in, forward and side to side, arm rotations and body twists to warm up the back and core.

8. Post skiing exercises, stretches and recovery techniques do you perform?

I always bike after a long day skiing, biking is awesome to flush the lactic acid from your legs. When stretching its important to concentrate on the quads, calfs, hamstrings and hip flexors as you will have hammered them on the hill.

9. What to avoid on a ski holiday?

The old drink and ski. A lot of people are keen on the apres ski but just be careful about partying too much when you still have the run down to come… as that’s when injuries can happen.

10. How to relax after a day’s skiing or competition?

The great thing about ski resorts is that you are never really that far from a hot tub. Personally I tend to get a massage, although if you have ever had a sports massage before… it’s not as relaxing as it sounds!